How To Use Humour In Presentation


Shaftesbury Arts Centre: The Lounge

Friday 30th June, 7-9.30pm 

Tickets £27.50

Age Restriction: 16+ years

Just 12 places available!


A Taste Of Funny - How To Use Humour In Presentation


Being able to make people laugh is one of the most powerful assets you can have in any context, and knowing how and when to use humour, will give you a massive advantage in your life.

We’ve all witnessed how the power of a well-timed, amusing observation can win friends, influence people, and even make us fall in love! In business, too, the ability to wield humour effectively is increasingly recognised as a skill that can make the difference between promotion or being passed over.

You don’t have to be born funny, there are systems, tools and techniques that comedians, speakers, and writers all use, that you can learn too!

In this practical, taster workshop, you’ll learn: 

·      The six essential ingredients for humour 

·      The set-up punch joke writing technique 

·      Wordplay techniques

·      One Technique for Generating Material

·      When and how to use humour in presentations

·      Performance tips for presentations

Sarah Archer is a Humour Speaking Coach, she has performed stand-up comedy all over the UK, written and directed plays, and authored two business books on humour in presentations and pitching yourself. She is also an NLP practitioner and has over 20 years’ business experience. 

“I would describe my whole experience of Sarah’s course as amazing. I feel like a new person.” – Mitch Farmah, Swindon

“This comedy course changed me forever and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to stretch themselves and/or their professional ability to present.” Sadie Harries, Swindon