Founded by Wiltshire/Dorset based Theatre Company Anything But Ordinary Productions abopatthefringe  aims to provide venues for the best quality entertainment and workshops at local fringe festivals. Our wide ranging programme, fab venues and charismatic volunteers aim to create a great fringe vibe for performers and audience members alike.

Dix and Gaz, owners of ABOP and resident in Wiltshire and Dorset throughout the year are thrilled to provide a few bits here and there during fringe festivals.


Here at abopatthefringe we're not in it to make oodles of cash. We know from our own experiences that fringe audiences can be uncertain, so we want to offer reasonable hire and ticket prices. This means that our venues won't be out of pocket, but neither will our performers or audience members.   If we come out with a glass of vino or two we'll be more than happy!

Offering performers and artists an opportunity to work in an environment that is low cost and and in an atmosphere that is receptive abopatthefringe is open access, meaning anyone can apply to perform at one of our venues. We don't formally programme or limit shows due to subject matter, but we do like to give you the very best slot for your show so we may curate a little when putting our fringe schedule together. 

We welcome professionals, emerging artists, non professionals, drama students, and young actors.... in fact anyone who wishes to share their creative vision with an encouraging and appreciative audience.