Shaftesbury Arts Centre: The Lounge

Friday 30th June, Saturday 1 July, Sunday 2 July. 

10am (60 mins)

Tickets £8

No age restriction.


Hell Hath No Fury


A story of betrayal, witchcraft, family and love.

The re-imagined back story to one of Shakespeare’s most villainous women, Lady Macbeth. Hell Hath No Fury proposes a different side to the cold, manipulative woman whose greed and ambition lead to the death and damnation of the man she loved. Set in a modern context, the play follows Lady Macbeth, (Elanor), through her life, drawing parallels with Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy.

Elanor finds herself institutionalised after Duncan’s death. In order to clear her name she invites a writer to help her piece together what really happened. The writer seeks out one of the Witches to tell their version of events and finds there is more to the story than even Elanor knows. Both women are forced to confront their past and long lost secrets are dredged to the surface, driving Elanor to distraction. We travel alongside Elanor and the Witch experiencing their memories, sharing moments of their journey, as their past and present begin to merge.

Shakespeare paints Lady Macbeth as a cold, manipulative woman who drives her husband to murder in order to satisfy her towering ambition, but is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Following a 2015 run in Bedford, Bath and Edinburgh, Emma Hopkins returns to the South West with her one woman show in 2017.

A modern, alternative view to the story of Lady Macbeth.

"...an intriguing premise." 
"Dark, complex, beautifully written and acted."
"Giving Shakespeare a new lease of life."